GLYPHX THE URBAN MAGE: The Coming of Mage -Media Release

GLYPHX THE URBAN MAGE: The Coming of Mage – Media Release

GLYPHX THE URBAN MAGE: The Coming of Mage novella by Ced Pharaoh

Chicago, IL – NKOSI MEDIA LLC is proud to announce the release of GlyphX The Urban Mage: The Coming of Mage, a new novella by author Ced Pharaoh. Drawing inspiration from his love of comic books, mysteries, sci-fi/fantasy, and non-fiction biographies; Ced Pharaoh weaves a tale of supernatural danger and heroism set in the heart of Chicago.

The novella follows Rhazel Akoben, an ambitious activist, on a journey to Africa where he discovers his true calling. He learns that his ancestors were NuuBians, divine engineers who created the Sacred Seal to protect Earth and engineered a fail-safe in the event of its corrosion. A key is needed to activate the fail-safe; The ZiAnkhi. Now, their legacy has become his destiny.

Rhazel is blessed with the ZiAnkhi, a fusion of God energy that gives him the power to protect Earth by recharging the Sacred Seal. But supernatural dangers of monsters, demons, and power-hungry immortals are rising to the tipping point, and Chicago is ground zero! Rhazel must unlock his true potential and become GlyphX The Urban Mage and protect his community.

Ced Pharaoh is an avid reader has written unpublished comic book scripts, had a verse from his Black Sci-Fi/Fantasy poetry published in the Sankofa Guard comic book, and published an e-book entitled Watch The Shadows: darkfantasypoetry. In 2015, his story Edge Of Innocence was published in The City: A CyberFunk Anthology. In 2021, he published The Great Force, a comic book project.

Ced Pharaoh invites readers to join Rhazel on his journey to become GlyphX and protect Earth from supernatural threats. GlyphX The Urban Mage: The Coming of Mage is available now in print and e-book formats from major retailers.

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