Watch the shadows because when they come alive; the Sacred Seal is breaking and then chaos will be unleashed. 

Rhazel Akoben, an ambitious activist, wants to use his skills to improve his community. During a trip to Africa, he finds his Calling, or did it find him? He learns his Ancestors were NuuBians, divine engineers who created the Sacred Seal to protect Earth and engineered a fail-safe in the event of its corrosion. A key is needed to activate the fail-safe; The ZiAnkhi. Now, their legacy has become his destiny.    

Supernatural dangers of monsters, demons and power hungry Immortals are rising to the tipping point and Chicago is ground zero!  Rhazel is blessed with the ZiAnkhi, a fusion of God energy that gives him the power to protect Earth by recharging the Sacred Seal.    

Can he overcome his own fears and threats to his community? Taking activism to another level, Rhazel must unlock his true potential and become GlyphX The Urban Mage.

Get ready to Buy and Read GlyphX The Urban Mage | The Coming Of Mage and follow GlyphX The Urban Mage as he finds out how deep the shadows go.

Buy GlyphX The Urban Mage | The Coming Of Mage.

GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE | The Coming Of Mage is the first novella about the urban fantasy adventures of GlyphX. In relation to the novella there is GLYPHX The URBAN MAGE Webcomic which will give readers a visual companion piece. Sign-up below to be notified of the release!

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