I remember.

Ages before Now…

Before Modern History was on pages….

When Humanity Evolved,

Imagination Elevated.

That Bridge

between the Mystic and Fantastic

to the Scientific and Astounding,

was solid.

My parents’ generation stood on that Bridge.

Hope fueled Potential and

Transformed Dreams to Reality.

The Future Was Possible.

It was an Exciting New World.

The Duality of Spirituality could not be ignored.

Vices silently throbbed.

A subtle itch of temptation remained and festered.

Grew and then split like the atom;

to spread like a virus.

Just as in the old days, small clusters of idealists

homing in on attaining resources for themselves,

took hold.

The old ways had returned

and Society,


Humanity suffered.




A renaissance of the new Dark Ages ensued…

That bridge that my parents stood on,

I was conceived under.

They fed me their Love,

the unfulfilled potential of their Imagination became

the foundation of my own.

Their sacrifice to teach Culture and Future of what could be

set ablaze my Potential to burn away Hopelessness

my Strength, Ingenuity multiplied!

My Spirituality exploded my Genius!

I shall pass what I know on,

to those with the Mind to learn and nurture

their own Potential and untapped Greatness!

The Truth is in you,

passed on from the Past.

All you need to do is remember..

I will help you.

For Life is worth living and fighting for…

The Future of those to come depend on Us.

You need to remember….

– Sankofa

A verse the  Black Sci-Fi Fantasy poetry piece entitled, SANKOFA can be read in the comic book series, SANKOFA GUARD published by James “Mase” Mason.

SANKOFA – Black Sci-Fi Fantasy Poetry by Pharaoh