Watch the shadows because when they come alive; the Sacred Seal is breaking and then chaos will be unleashed. 

Meet Rhazel Akoben – a community activist and program coordinator of his youth community leadership program. He dedicated his life to improving his community, and then he is gifted powers beyond his wildest dreams.

When the city of Chicago is threatened by supernatural dangers, Rhazel must learn to harness his mystic power and become the hero his community needs.

With thrilling action, powerful magic, and a cast of diverse characters, this novella is a must-read for fans of urban fantasy and supernatural thrillers. Join Rhazel on his journey as he unlocks his true potential and uses his mystic power to save the city he loves and becomes GlyphX The Urban Mage.

Perfect for readers who enjoy complex characters, supernatural elements and suspenseful plot twists. Order your copy now and follow GlyphX The Urban Mage as he finds out how deep the shadows go.

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